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Real Liberals (not the LibDems) Fighting for Liberalism

Cllr Michael Seed

Press Release

Dear Residents of Knowsley Village, 

With the Liberal Democrat Party record of frustrating any attempt to consult the British people over our membership of the EU and now seeking to overturn the result of the referendum to continue on a course of further centralisation I cannot remain a member of that Party. The concentration on changing a democratic vote has prevented the party from concentrating on the most important issues within our society. 

To ensure the voice of liberalism is heard and to join a party committed to the local community, green spaces, free and fair trade, international co-operation and social justice I am delighted to have been welcomed to join the Liberal Party. 

As a person from a working class family I feel my number one priority is to campaign against austerity cuts and to support people who are experiencing poverty. I also feel it is very important to provide people with the opportunities to thrive in our community. A good councillor is active in the community and responds to the important issues. 

As a Town Councillor I will always seek to get the best for our residents and work with people from all political backgrounds for the common good. I will always challenge the Borough council on issues that affect our ward. 

Since being elected in May I have enjoyed listening to people in the Village around local issues such as the condition of green spaces, fly tipping, crime, the incinerator, tax rates, the proportion of funding spent in the village and the lack of places for children to play in the area. I remain committed to solving these issues and remain committed to my election pledges. 

Whilst I leave the Liberal Democrats to join the Liberal Party I do so without rancour and hope to continue good working relations with those who remain in the Lib Dems.

Please feel free to contact me onĀ or 07784 156672

Yours sincerely 

Cllr Michael Seed 

Knowsley Park Ward

Knowsley Town Council