UN should accept Palestinian application

In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority applied for membership of the United Nations. Since then the threat of further illegal settlements and now annexation of their lands has continued unabated.

We call upon the United Kingdom government to send a clear message against illegal settlements, forced evictions and failure by Israel to give genuine recognition of Palestinian rights and interests, by supporting the Palestinian Application to the United Nations. Also, in a clear gesture of support to extend an invitation for Palestine to join the Commonwealth, should they wish to do so.

We should not remain silent and timid in the face of brutal evictions and annexation in the West Bank

The consequences of the Israeli annexation of the West Bank

The Liberal Party notes with grave concern increased media reports that the Israeli Government intends to annex sections of the West Bank as early as July of this year.

Such a move would effectively end any prospect of a viable Palestinian state by reportedly taking control of 30% of the disputed area and thus deny Palestinians the right to self-determination and statehood.

Any such annexation must be roundly condemned by the international community and pressure brought to bear on the Israeli Government to accept a workable two-state solution which guarantees Palestinians the right to self-government.

The party again reiterates its call for the British Government to actively and urgently promote Palestine’s entry into the United Nations as a full member and for an invitation to join the Commonwealth, to be extended to Palestine immediately, with an offer of tacit and practical support to ensure they meet the criteria for membership if they wish to apply. 

Be a Part of the Solution

Liberal Party president Cllr Steve Radford sums up Liberal Party thoughts on political behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Some of the criticism of the government about not clarifying an exit strategy is little more than obscene point-scoring.

Why on earth would any government have a policy and make it public when all the conditions needed are not yet in place?

The level of infection has not shown a sustained drop, regional analysis still needs to be undertaken.

The production levels of Personal Protective Equipment and Testing are not yet in place.

Even more to the point, talking about an exit policy now is irresponsible as it would undermine public commitment to keep to the current lockdown procedures. 

Some of the point-scoring lacks integrity or any sense that we are dealing with circumstances not seen for many generations.

Liverpool Tuebrook Hope Group is planning to continue support for vulnerable neighbours by age or medical condition for at least nine weeks so that they are reduced to exposure even when isolation is lifted until it is clear that a secondary wave of infection is no longer a real danger.

We encourage Liberals active in other areas to do what they can to be a part of the solution”.

Community Groups during the coronavirus self-isolation

The Liberal Party notes the increasing emphasis being placed on self-isolation to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Firstly, the party would like to emphasise how community groups can safely support older people and other vulnerable groups during these difficult times.

Self-isolation restricts many groups from activities such as shopping, exercise and the social contacts which allow their wellbeing to be checked-on and delays prompt assistance.

We would ask people to be aware of those in their local community who may need a courteous check and to offer what assistance we can without compromising the isolation regime which is in place.

The current pandemic is expected to have a protracted impact on our daily life and community action can act as a stabilising factor.

MP’s need to compromise on EU Deal

The very MP’s protesting that the current deal placed before Parliament is more adverse than the deal offered by Mrs May’s are the same MPs who blocked the current deal from being progressed, because of insufficient time to read the report.

The unwillingness of the majority of MP’s to accept the outcome of the referendum, which they agreed to hold, and subsequently opposed any reasonable compromise, beggars belief.

Trade Unionists and Management sitting around a negotiation table would never behave in such an obstructive and irresponsible fashion.

The Liberal Party believes it is realistic to disengage from the EU as an initial stage, with further negotiations and agreements as the relationships change and evolve.

We give our utmost respect to those Labour MPs who have defied the party whip and threats of deselection, to put the national interest above party politics.

No Evidence for Voter ID Fraud

During the Queens Speech the government announced plans to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters. This is despite reliable sources suggest 3.5 million voters do not have such ID 

We have to ask what is the evidence that there is a problem that ID cards are needed to resolve.

According to the Electoral Commission report for 2018 .

“There is no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud relating to the 2018 local election.

Of the 266 cases that were investigated by the police, one led to a conviction and two suspects were given police cautions.

Outcomes of cases where the suspect was either convicted or accepted a police caution.

At the local elections in 2018, a Peterborough Green Party candidate pleaded guilty to forging all signatures on his nomination form so that he could stand in the election.

At the local elections in 2018, a Labour Party candidate seeking re-election registered to vote at two different addresses in Rochdale.

He applied to vote by post at both addresses and voted twice in the Rochdale council elections.

It is an offence to vote more than once in the same local election area.

West Yorkshire police received a report that a postal vote cast in the 2018 local elections appeared to have been completed and returned by someone who had died.

Police interviewed the deceased elector’s widow. She had been his sole carer and often did his paperwork. It appeared to be a genuine mistake in the midst of grief.

Of the three actual serous cases not a single case would have been prevented by the introduction of Voter ID card checks.

Therefore one can only conclude the legislation is a deliberate and calculated obstruction to prevent 3.5 million voters having the right and carrying out their civic duty to vote.

Failure of Thomas Cook as it enters Administration

The Liberal Party notes with anguish the collapse of the Thomas Cook group leaving hundreds of thousands of customers awaiting repatriation from holiday destinations and thousands of staff made redundant.

After a span of 178 years the company had been forced into administration by a perfect storm of changing holiday booking habits, unsustainable debt, and an uncertain business outlook due to political instability in key holiday destinations and subdued domestic demand.

Although the party accepts the arguments for not extending a taxpayer funded bailout to prolong the company’s existence, serious question still needs to be asked about its failure.

These include why the company continued to trade whilst accumulating further debt, the part played by its banker in it’s abortive re-financing and the accountability of its management in its final failure.

The sustainability of a traditional bricks and mortar business in the face of new technology should not translate into administration and closure.

Labour Attack on Freedom

The Labour Party has taken a very alarming new turn on the question of education.

The state seeking to  monopolise education is the first step taken by every authortarian dictator across the world.

If private schools are abolished, what next, the right of parents to send children to faith schools abolished?

This policy actually shows Labour has given up on driving higher standards of educational achievement in state schools.

What is the immediate consequence of any such policy, without doubt parents and private schools and staff will exodus abroad and the money and skills lost to this country.

The diversity of private schools has often meant experiments in different forms and styles of education has been trialed and then extended to the state sector if successful.

It is dangerous path to go down and a clear expression Labour has become the party of state control with contempt for freedom of choice.

The Liberal Party acknowledges the benefit private education can provide to overall education standards, however, we are critical that financial bias is afforded to the private sector by charitable status and evasion of VAT.