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Bridgwater & West Somerset.

Former Lib Dem stands for Liberal Party in Bridgwater & West Somerset.

Former Councillor, European parliamentary candidate and prospective Westminster candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Farès K Moussa, is standing for the Liberal Party in Somerset for the elections on the 12th December. Farès who was a member of the Lib Dems for 20 years and co-authored policies on Freedom of Expression and International Relations, has left the Libs Dems after feeling increasingly uncomfortable with their policy positions.

Farès, who lives in the constituency where he is standing, says: “Ever since Nick Clegg and the ‘Orange Bookers’ took over the LibDems, it has lost sight of the core Liberal beliefs of enabling people as much as possible to be free: free to be themselves; -free to realise their potential; -free to do business in free-trade economies; -free of interfering, undemocratic, centrist governments. I’m very excited to have been accepted by the Liberal Party, which I believe is a party of the future as much as a party with great historic form.”

Farès is currently Executive Director of an international arts festival, having worked in various senior management roles in the arts and culture sector