Foreign Affairs

  • Champion the liberal, rules-based international order, which provides a strong basis for multilateral action to address the world’s biggest problems.

  • Our Foreign Aid budget should be 1% of National GNI

  • Apply to be an observer member of the Nordic Council.

  • Strengthen the United Nations: this would first include making it more accountable by creating a new directly elected United Nations Parliamentary Assembly and a council of ministers where all members can propose new bills.

  • Strictly opposed to the idea of intervening in non-western countries with a view to imposing western style governance by force. 

  • Defending international cooperation against the rising tides of nationalism and isolationism, supporting multilateral organisations like the UN and NATO which are increasingly under threat.

  • Increase overseas financial support for the ongoing refugee crisis, focussing on countries that have accepted millions of refugees.

  • Protect, defend, and promote human rights for all, including LGBT+ individuals who are persecuted across the world, women as well as those persecuted for their religion or belief etc. 

  • Strengthen and increase funding for The British Council in order to encourage the educational cooperation between the United Kingdom and other countries, support the advancement of United Kingdom education, education standards overseas, and promote education more generally. 

  • Sub-sections on Foreign Affairs issues:- 
    • China (Tibet, Hong-Kong, Xinjiang and South China Sea): The Liberal Party notes with grave concern the increased aggressive international and domestic agenda of the Chinese state. The country has been emboldened by its perceived success in combating the initial outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and is now exploiting the distraction of the international community for its own advantage. 
      It has adopted a policy of suppressing internal discussion of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent protests in Tibet. It has simultaneously increased the arrest of pro-democracy protesters in Hong-Kong and perpetuated human rights violations against Uighurs Muslims in the Xinjiang region in China’s West. The most recent outrage has been the barring from practise and threat to revoke the licence of lawyers who seek to defend pro-democracy protests. 
      Internationally, it has increasingly intimated maritime neighbours in the West Pacific such as Japan, The Philippines and Vietnam. 
      The party believes that the international community must unite to present a common response and counteract the agenda of China and its authoritarian leader President Xi Jinping. 
      The Liberal Party welcomes the offer of UK citizenship to eligible Hong Kong residents and the fast tracking of applications to enter the UK. We believe this gives a strong signal to the Chinese  authorities of our country’s commitment to protecting the rights of citizens which should have been guaranteed by the post -1997 Sino-British Joint Declaration. 

    • Russia (Ukraine): The Liberal Party calls for a set of strict sanctions on Russia, Belarus and those that aided in the invasion of Ukraine. We propose sanctions on Russia including Russian controlled Crimea, Belarus and the two unrecognised Republics in Luhansk and Donetsk. It would also include any countries that are found to have supported the invasion: 

      1) A ban on UK property ownership for Russian oligarchs linked to Putin.
      2) All of the assets owned by wealthy individuals connected to Putin must be frozen.
      3) Support all Russian banks being banned from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

    • Israel/Palestine: We currently support the ‘two state solution’, for an independent and viable Palestinian state (with East Jerusalem as it’s capital) and security for both parties. We therefore call on Israel to renounce all claims to occupied land and to halt all illegal settlement building. If Israel is unwilling to do this, there will come a point at which ‘the one state solution’, under which Israel will need to offer all Palestinians citizenship in a single, secular State, will become the only possible way forward. 

    • Iran: The Liberal party notes with concern the breakdown in relationship between the West and Iran with regards to the Iran Nuclear Deal signed in 2015 and thus would suggest that all parties, be it the UN or another body, come back round the negotiating table in order to reinvigorate the Nuclear agreement and thus end the subsequent sanctions on Iran. 

    • North Korea: The Liberal Party notes with concern North Korea’s ongoing Nuclear Weapons
      Programme and thus calls for an immediate halt to its nuclear programme as a realistic and pragmatic approach through the mediation of the Chinese. In the long term we call for a cease-fire between North and South Korea. 

    • Latin America (Venezuela): It is vital that Britain maintains its commitment to human rights and democracy, making clear to the international community that we regard these values as universal and therefore believe that Maduro should voluntarily step down and allow for the transition to free and fair democratic election.