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Off License Hours Reduced
Anderson Challenged Over Carlton Claims
A New Peter Lloyd?
Spring Clean for Tuebrook, Stoneycroft and Anfield
Small Alleyway Clean-Up
Road Resurfacing – Monastery Road
In the Community – Funds for Youth Workers

Tuebrook Reporter – March-April 2017

Off License Hours Reduced
Anderson Challenged Over Carlton Claims
A New Peter Lloyd?
Spring Clean for Tuebrook, Stoneycroft and Anfield
Small Alleyway Clean-Up
Road Resurfacing – Monastery Road
In the Community – Funds for Youth Workers

Terror Attack in London

The Liberal Party UK is deeply saddened by the loss of life in what is being treated as an act of terror in London. Our hearts go out to victims of the attack and to their families and loved ones.

Whilst it is too early to understand what motivated this attack, we condemn the recourse to violence and terror as a means to promote any cause.

The Liberal Party supports initiatives, both government and community based, that seeks to address social and political issue which draw otherwise law abiding citizens towards senseless acts of violence within our democratic society.

Engaging with those elements of British society who are likely to be led astray by extremist views requires a proactive and multi-agency approach. These should aim to bringing’s together community leaders, politicians, and the police and intelligence services to guide such individuals back into the mainstream political process.

Spring Special Assembly

Briar Rose Hotel, 25 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5RE
Saturday 25th February 2017 – 12 noon to 4pm

Prison Reform Joint Motion for debate sponsored by Colin France
Click here to download the PDF of the Prison Reform Joint Motion.

NEC Statement – Thames Water Prosecution
The Liberal Party views with concern:

  1. The continuing failure of our privatised water companies to provide pure water for residents at a fair price.
  2. The continuing breach of regulations by our privatised water companies as evidenced, for example, by the repeated conviction of Thames Water for polluting the Thames and tributaries by the illegal discharge of sewage into the river to the detriment of river fish and other wildlife.
  3. The continuing decisions, as revealed by internal whistle-blowers, of Thames Water management “to pay the pollution fines rather than install new filtering systems”.
  4. The repeated changes in ownership of our privatised water companies as new owners display more interest in asset stripping than the provision of pure water, or to a halt to the illegal discharge of sewage, or to a reduction in the high number of serious leaks.
  5. The recent decision by Thames Water to charge all its customers a special fee to help to pay for management failures, in particular water leaks which reached a peak of nearly 30% of water lost to leaks.

The Liberal Party recognise that pure water is essential to life and believes that everyone has a natural right to pure water. The Liberal Party also believes that it is morally wrong and environmentally damaging to allow our water supply to be under the control of profiteers and asset strippers. Accordingly, the Liberal Party calls for the restoration of our water supply to public ownership and public accountability.

Liberal Party Internal Elections

The closing date of 10th February for nominations in our internal Party elections has now passed.

We have ten nominations for the National Executive and as this is fewer than the number of places on the NEC we do not need a ballot. All of those nominated below are duly elected as members of the National Executive of the Liberal Party for the next two years.

Only Cllr Steve Radford presented a nomination to be Party President, and is therefore duly elected without the need for a ballot, for the next two years.

Party President
Cllr Steve Radford

Members of the National Executive Committee
Dane Clousten
Daniel Wood
Stephen Graham
Chris Ash.
Paul Bradshaw
Anne Bradshaw
Colin France
John Hein
Bill Weights
Colin Hallmark

Increasing council tax to fund social care

The Conservative Government has recently proposed that local authorities in the UK will be able to increase local Council tax by up to 6% to fund social care.

At a time when the Government is talking about helping the Just Managing or Squeezed Middle, it is simultaneously talking about passing the burden of funding vital public services back onto these already struggling groups.

Yet the Conservatives, both in coalition, and now in power in their own right, have ruthlessly cut the transfer to local government year on year in the name of austerity and cutting the national debt.

The best estimate is that during the last parliament overall funding for public services fell by about 29%, whilst Social care funding has fallen by 9% in real terms over the past five years alone.

The Liberal Party opposes un-necessary and counterproductive austerity, which plainly doesn’t mean we are all in it together as David Cameron oft claimed.

In a nation estimated in 2014 to be worth 8 trillion pounds, even with 5 trillion pound of this in property, surely we can afford adequately funded public service without adding to the burden on…

Funding needs to come from an adequate settlement from central government, which in turn needs to ensure all in our society pay their fair share of taxes and contribute to the provision of fully funded local services for the most dependent in our society.

Investigatory Powers Act

The Liberal Party notes with concern that the Investigatory Powers Act has now received royal assent. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it represents one of the most significant transfers of power from people to the state in our lifetime.

The bill will allow the surveillance of anyone (and potentially everyone) in the UK, without the need for suspicion of involvement in a crime or evidence of wrongdoing, without the need to target a person or premise and without ever notifying anyone that they have been spied on.

It would be hard to imagine a more uncomfortable situation for political movements than to know that every communication they made was being intercepted and stored by the government they may be challenging or competing with. It would potentially make a Watergate lawful.

The lack of Parliamentary and media opposition is truly alarming, with the opposition Labour and SNP MPs almost exclusively abstaining in the final vote on this legislation.

Privacy from State Intrusion and Democracy are pillars of a free society which risk being systematically undermined in the name of law enforcement and national security.

The Liberal Party believes these are principles which should take precedence and the party strives to promote these principles in all its actions.

Motion for debate at February’s Assembly

Penal Reform sponsored by Colin Francis Sheffield

The Liberal Party recognises !o address the increasing number of prison inmates, since 1993 the population has risen to 84 405 that is an extra 41000 inmates a 92 percent increase in England and Wales on the failing prison system. (The following day is from the bromley briefing for the prison reform trust july 2016.)

Prison has a poor record for reducing re-offending 46 percent of adults are re-convicted within 1 year of release, this has risen to 60 percent for those serving a less than 1 year sentence.

48 percent of women leave prison are re-convicted within 1 year of release, this goes to 77 percent for women who have had 11 consecutive short sentences.,68 percent of under 18s are re-convicted within 1 year of release.

Short prison sentences are less effective than community sentences at reducing re-offending….they are 7 percentage points higher of re-offending than an offender serving a community sentence and they commit more offences than those on community sentences.

Re-offending costs the taxpayer billions per year between 9.5 and 13 billion per annum of which 7to 10 billion are spent on short sentence prisoners.

The use of release on temporay licence in 2012 only 26 cases involved prisoners being arrested on suspicion of committing an offence, that is a 99.95 percent success rate. Lately sadly RoTL are 37percent down being used and soe employers say they have recieved no one on RoTL saying that though when used it still is 99.93 percent success rate.

The Liberal Party see the prison system to rehabilitation of offenders rather just a form of punishment! Prisons need to punish the offenders but they should also be given appropriate assistance to prevent the offender being caught in the prison vicious cycle of being in and out of custody throughout their lives.

The Liberal Party will look to address the causes why people offend, offenders to have a planned care plan to help with drug addiction debt and gambling addiction programmes to be run. Mental health treatments to help offenders cope and manage their conditions. The goal of these reforms is to prevent people entering a lifestyle of crime and.if they had to prepare the person when they have served their sentence.

Prisoners to be given the opportunity to undertake meaningful employment, day release to work at actual companies, training and educationsl studies so on their release they have qualifications for potential employers or if they wish to become self employed advice given to them.

The Liberal Party to look at removing certain victimless offences from acts of criminality such as prostitution, offenders being given community sentences that will enable offenders to keep their jobs if they are employed but it will also help to keep the family unit together.

New or young offenders to not be just put in the general prison population but away from seasoned and hardened criminals who may coach and mentor these green inmates and encourage them not to better themselves but turn to a life of crime.

Prison officers to have the appropriate training so they can become effective mentors and role models to the offenders they care for.

Prison officers to be given the recognition, rewards, protection and tools to continue the hardwork and vitual service they do for society.

The Liberal Party seeks to ensure those guilty of victimnless criems like prostitution are not sent to jail but more appropriate measures

Tuebrook Reporter

Carlton Update
Lower Breck Road Waste Land Cleared
Clifton Road Land to be Compulsory Purchased for New Housing
Fighting HMO’s Across the Ward
Road Resurfacing and Street Lights Repaired

Tuebrook Reporter – December 2016

Carlton Update
Lower Breck Road Waste Land Cleared
Clifton Road Land to be Compulsory Purchased for New Housing
Fighting HMO’s Across the Ward
Road Resurfacing and Street Lights Repaired