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NEC Statement – Leasehold reform

The Liberal Party annual Assembly, conducted in Bristol this year, debated the reform of leasehold property rights in this country.

The party notes the almost feudal nature of the scheme and recent revelations have called into question a long term residential leasing scheme almost unique to England and Wales.

Home dwellers with such leaseholds are seeing a periodic doubling of ground rates, punitive fees for basic home improvements and the transfer of leaseholds to offshore havens for tax purposes.

The party is weary of any government plan that falls short of anything other than complete abolition, and calls for compensation for leaseholders, the right to buy their lease and temporary provision for all leases ending before 2025 to revert to the leaseholders with fair compensation if appropriate.

Such reforms are in line In with the party constitution which calls for a society where every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security.