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Puzzle of the European flag, with the text Brexit cut out, and showing the British flag underneath.

Letter for Publication: Vince Cable Brexit Speech

11th March 2018


It is with disappointment and a degree of anger that we in the Liberal Party view the recent speech by Sir Vince Cable to the ‘Liberal’ Democrats’ Spring Conference.

Once again the vile slur is peddled that those who voted in favour of leaving the European Union are too old, too stupid or too racist to have their vote count. How Sir Vince manages to masquerade as a ‘liberal’ whilst demeaning the 17 million who voted for Brexit in such a fashion is beyond comprehension. Sir Vince would do well to remember that more people voted to leave the European Union than have voted for anything, ever!

It is also difficult to see how leaving the EU is the result of ‘white nostalgia’. In case Sir Vince hasn’t noticed the countries of the EU are overwhelmingly ‘white”. Leaving the EU will enable the UK to trade more freely with the rest of the world, including increasing trade with African and Asian countries, for example. Leaving the EU will enable the UK to set its own immigration policy rather than be forced to shut out commonwealth immigrants (including non-white immigrants) because we cannot set any limit on immigration from the EU.

All of this is especially rich coming from a 74 year old white man who represents a constituency which is 86% white. But then Sir Vince and others of the metropolitan elite are so desperate to remain within the protectionist, undemocratic and corrupt European Union that they will say virtually anything and aren’t going to let anything as trivial as democracy stand in their way.

Yours faithfully,

Chair of the NEC
The Liberal Party