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Puzzle of the European flag, with the text Brexit cut out, and showing the British flag underneath.

Why Brexit Draft – Article 132 must be deleted

Article 132 provides an instrument for the EU to extend the transition period for the UK’s departure from the EU to 20XX. Whilst the XX is not defined or limited, it could mean we are stuck in the EU until 2099 if negotiations are frustrated.
During the transition period, we would not have a voice in the EU parliament, we would not have a right of veto, we would continue to contribute to the EU budget at a value that has not yet been defined and we would be unable to invoke trade deals.
Liberals believe that this article is against natural justice and would give an enormously powerful negotiation advantage to the EU. If Article 132 is not deleted the Liberal Party will oppose the Brexit plan.
The people are fed up with divisive discussion and continued uncertainty and now call for Brexit to be brought to a close.