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Puzzle of the European flag, with the text Brexit cut out, and showing the British flag underneath.

MP’s need to compromise on EU Deal

The very MP’s protesting that the current deal placed before Parliament is more adverse than the deal offered by Mrs May’s are the same MPs who blocked the current deal from being progressed, because of insufficient time to read the report.

The unwillingness of the majority of MP’s to accept the outcome of the referendum, which they agreed to hold, and subsequently opposed any reasonable compromise, beggars belief.

Trade Unionists and Management sitting around a negotiation table would never behave in such an obstructive and irresponsible fashion.

The Liberal Party believes it is realistic to disengage from the EU as an initial stage, with further negotiations and agreements as the relationships change and evolve.

We give our utmost respect to those Labour MPs who have defied the party whip and threats of deselection, to put the national interest above party politics.