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Coronavirus 19

Be a Part of the Solution

Liberal Party president Cllr Steve Radford sums up Liberal Party thoughts on political behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Some of the criticism of the government about not clarifying an exit strategy is little more than obscene point-scoring.

Why on earth would any government have a policy and make it public when all the conditions needed are not yet in place?

The level of infection has not shown a sustained drop, regional analysis still needs to be undertaken.

The production levels of Personal Protective Equipment and Testing are not yet in place.

Even more to the point, talking about an exit policy now is irresponsible as it would undermine public commitment to keep to the current lockdown procedures. 

Some of the point-scoring lacks integrity or any sense that we are dealing with circumstances not seen for many generations.

Liverpool Tuebrook Hope Group is planning to continue support for vulnerable neighbours by age or medical condition for at least nine weeks so that they are reduced to exposure even when isolation is lifted until it is clear that a secondary wave of infection is no longer a real danger.

We encourage Liberals active in other areas to do what they can to be a part of the solution”.