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Case for Proportional Representation

Dear Liverpool Echo Editor,

Can we challenge the current cons4ensus that the Caller report was the font of all wisdom concerning the problems and abuse of power with Liverpool City Council.
Firstly, it underplays that effective scrutiny was undermined in that Senior Council officers who should have provided all Councillors adequate and timely information failed to do so.
Secondly, there was a consistent failure of senior council officers who had a legal responsibility to uphold the rights of opposition councillors failed to do so.
Lastly, that the ‘first past the post’ voting system gave an overwhelming and disproportionate power to a ruling party.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise we in the Liberal Party Group advocated that Liverpool City Council should move to a proportional voting system with single member wards complemented by a top up system as has been so effective in the London, Scots and Welsh Assemblies.
What should shock people is that the Lib Dem group which has since the Party was created in 1988 advocated for PR voted against.
Even more perverse the Green Party which days before the Mayoral Election said it would support a call for PR, voted against doing so.
Both the Lib Dems and greens argued that the time was not right because a Conservative Minister would not agree. So there we have it ,Greens and Lib Dems would prefer to vote down their own policies on the basis of what they believe a Conservative Minister would prefer

Cllr Steve Radford
Leader Liberal Party Group