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HGV Driver Shortage

The Liberal Party notes the increasing disruption caused to commercial goods deliveries, most publicly fuel due to a national shortage of HGV drivers.

This situation is the combination of Covid related delays to driver training and testing, and long-term issues improving working pay and conditions to retain experienced staff.

Noting the real anguish expressed by both the agricultural sector and the Road Haulier’s Association we urge the UK Government to take immediate steps to allow work visa entry for both seasonal agricultural workers and HGV drivers.

The Liberal Party supported Brexit so we could have control over key issues affecting our society and political economy, we did not pursue the policy with an obsessive negative view to the role of none UK citizens coming to work in the UK.

We also need a more flexible approach for those working in the nursing and social care.

Over and above this fuel supplies should be supported by Armed Forces Drivers and driving instructors to assist this critical industry.

We also see merit in a review to merge C and D class drivers into one category (eg Bus and rigid lorry drivers) to provide more flexibility in the workplace.

Not to respond to such immediate needs will aggravate cost led inflation with a detrimental impact on the UK economy.

Whilst these are immediate steps to deal with an immediate problem in the longer term, we will continue to campaign for a system of Industrial Training Boards to be re-established to look at the skills needed for each industry and support training plans and facilities required across their respective industries.

Cllr Steve Radford
President of The Liberal Party​