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The UK’s military assistance to the NHS

The Liberal Party is grateful to hear that member of the United Kingdoms armed forces have been deployed to assist the NHS during the current pandemic.

Whilst such support is welcome in times of acute national need, the country’s military personal risk being seen as a 4th emergency service, distracting them from their dedicate role of national defence.

Much of the strain being felt in our national health service comes from staff shortages driven by poor levels of pay for nursing staff aggravating the loss of staff and a lack of trainees who are UK long term residents.

These are long-term issues which cannot be resolved by simply relying on our military to plug the gaps on an open-ended basis.

The Liberal Party believes that the Government should concentrate on tackling the wider issues in the economy of recruitment, training and career development be it in the NHS, or logistics such as tanker drivers rather than repeatedly reply on are our equally over-stretched armed forces.