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The Ukraine Crisis and NATO

In light of the current evidence that the Russian Federation is –

  • Kidnapping and deposing legitimately elected local government officials
  • Deporting citizens of Ukraine into the Russian federation territories

We recognise this is a concerted plan to remove all vestiges of Ukrainian nation and democratic institutions.
The narratives used to justify the move and the tactics play a frightening parallel to Hitler’s dismemberment of the Sudetenland and then invasion of the remaining Republic of Czechoslovakia.

The Liberal Party recognising that Putin has laid out clear plans to rebuild the Soviet- Imperial Russian Empire just as Hitler laid out his plans in Mien Kampf. 

We believe that the possibility of defeat for the Ukrainian Government is fundamentally dangerous for western security and would bring Russian forces closer to key NATO countries and resources

Therefore, NATO should immediately extend protection to Moldova. We should note the President of Belarus has shown his generals a map with both Ukraine and Moldova wiped out.

We should be in dialogue with Georgia to admit on its current borders.

We should signal defence treaty to support Sweden and Finland without them having to compromise their historic policy of neutrality.

Ukrainian forces need more significant offensive weaponry, including jets to drive back the Russian invaders whilst the conflict is in clear balance.

The defeat of democracy in Ukraine will embolden Putin just as the West’s timid approach in Czechoslovakia emboldened Hitler.

Cllr Steve Radford
Leader of The Liberal Party‚Äč