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Liberal Party Energy Strategy Statement

The Liberal Party notes the publication of the recent Government policy paper outlining a draft energy security strategy to secure the nations long term energy needs.

Whilst the strategy concentrates on energy generation and securing domestic production it ignores the opportunity to reduce consumption by funding an extensive home insulation scheme for older properties or addressing the pressing need for investment in a new generation of battery storage to allow better utilisation of renewable energy sources.

We should also improve building regulations to mandate high efficiency insulation in new builds and home improvements as well solar panels and heat pumps installed in new builds.

We also wish to reiterate are belief that fracking has no place in our nation’s energy plan and is an intrusive and environmentally damaging process which only perpetuates our addiction to fossil fuels.

We believe that the nation should invest in a final generation of nuclear power plants which provide the best short-term solution to providing low CO2 energy whilst maintaining the reliability of the UK’s power supply until new storage technologies are available.