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Liberal Party Statement on Scottish Independence

The Liberal Party notes with concern the renewed drive by the SNP to push for another Scottish Independence Referendum. 

After 15 years at the helm of the Scottish Government, The SNP’s failure on a number of key domestic fronts including Education, NHS and Policing to name but a few, has left many asking what credible mandate the SNP have to push for another independence referendum. 

In the light of the domestic failures by the SNP coupled with the parties’ strong federalist aspirations, The Liberal Party unequivocally reject the idea of another Independence Referendum and thus calls for a new model of governance to be implemented in the UK, namely, Federalism – whereby each of the devolved nations would have full responsibility over Taxation etc. 

In addition, the party believes that devolving further power away from Westminster and subsequently to the devolved nations, would not only enhance our degree of governance but also bring about a strong element of accountability to each of the respective governments of the devolved nations.

Kayed Al-Haddad, Scottish Liberals and Cllr Steve Radford, Leader of the Liberal Party