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Liberal Party Leadership and NEC Elections 2023

The elections for Liberal Party leader and the party NEC are due in the Autumn of 2023 and the nomination window will be open between the 1st November and the 31st December 2023.

A total of 20 nominations from party members will be required for nomination as party leader.

A total of 3 nominations from party members will be required for admission to the NEC for which the party constitution allows 20 members.

We would ask that all nominations are e-mailed to the address

There are currently 2 candidates seeking nomination for the role of party leader:

– Kayed Al-Haddad from Glasgow, who is the party treasurer and resides in Glasgow.
– Cllr Steve Radford from Liverpool, the current office holder.

Once the tally of nominations has been completed, the Secretary of the NEC will be advised if any elections need to be held and ballot papers distributed.

It is envisaged the newly elected NEC will hold its first open meeting on the 3rd February 2023, with the venue to be announced.