Merseyside Liberal Party Association – Party Leader meets Liverpool Somaliland Community

On Friday morning party leader Cllr Steve Radford met leading members of the Liverpool Somaliland Community. 

Many of their community came to Liverpool with service in the British merchant navy when their country was a British protectorate

We are supporting their campaign for recognition of Somaliland and it being welcomed into the Commonwealth.

Liberal Party Statement – Downing Street Big Coronation Lunch, Sunday 7th May 2023

Liberal Party chair Cllr Charles Shaw in his capacity as a national trustee of boys and girls’ clubs has taking four young people to the coronation big lunch at 10 Downing Street held on Sunday 7th May 2023.

Whilst this was a state and non-party opportunity for young people to see and have a Downing Street experience the event invitation represents a recognition of the importance of including young people in the experience of the coronation and giving a day for them to remember.

Charles is proud to be supporting these young people and local communities and ensuring the continued involvement of young people in the great occasions of state and promoting understanding of civic engagement.

Liverpool Council Contract Extensions – Cabinet Report

Government appointed Commissioners monitoring Liverpool Council have highlighted a deep-seated failure to promptly monitor and renew contracts for a wide range of services from IT to a community-based scheme to help people facing possible homelessness.

Delays in renewing contracts risks the council incurring additional costs and the 12 contracts identified as needing immediate attention involve previously unidentified expenditure of £20 million.

Liberal Party member for Childwall, Cllr Alan Tormey submitted questions regarding Microsoft Office software license via Democratic Services as far back as April and is still yet to have a response from the Cabinet Member responsible.

Full story here:


There could be approximately 10,000 Afghans held within Taliban controlled areas who helped UK and related agencies or were immediate family members of those who did and are currently being hunted down by the Taliban and their allies in Al Quada
The UK must develop a response to airlift these people out and the first step must be an air bridge to the Panjshir Valley.
We need a repeat of the Berlin Airlift to defend and assist this bastion of democratic values in a sea of sectarian religious autocratic brutality.
The Taliban’s pretence of inclusive governance and not providing a haven for international terrorists is exposed as a shame with Al Quada forces working with them on the current assaults on the Panjshir Valley.
The Taliban pledges to the USA are as misleading and illusionary as Hitler’s pledges to Neville Chamberlain.

Cllr Steve Radford
President of The Liberal Party​

Derek Jackson

The Liberal Party notes the actions of the former Candidate Derek Jackson at the Glasgow Southside Scottish Parliament seat electoral count. Derek Jackson’s acts do not reflect on Liberal Party core values or policies and break our constitutional rules.

As of 9th May 2021, Derek Jackson has been expelled from the party and given a lifetime ban on future application of membership with The Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party’s Core values stand for Individual Freedoms, Fairness and Equality within an open and tolerant society for all individuals and communities. 

The Liberal Party is sorry for the events that have unfolded and with immediate effect, will begin the process to tighten up our vetting process for applicants that wish to represent themselves as Liberal Party Candidates.

Richard Phillips
NEC Chair