Introduction to The Liberal Party Policies

The logic behind the following policies is that the state must ensure a supportive basic structure for all citizens to enjoy equal access to genuine freedom. We as a party promote a hybrid of Social Liberalism and Classical Liberalism. Furthermore, the policies outlined below aim to address some of the most pressing concerns facing the UK in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as encouraging development in a number of vital areas. 

Liberalism in recent years has been on the decline given the rise of both populism and authoritarianism that has engulfed large swathes of the western world. Unfortunately, politics here in the UK is no different – evidence of the rise of populism or indeed authoritarianism – could be seen clearly during Brexit and indeed during the Covid Pandemic: many personal liberties have been taken away from us. Furthermore, one could argue that the Labour party and indeed the Conservative party have both lurched off to the far-left and the far-right respectively and that the country is crying out for a moderate but radical approach to politics without the baggage of extremist and indeed identity politics. 

The following sets of policies aim to create a country in which everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their lives: a country where everyone can live in homes in safe, clean and friendly neighbourhoods, where people can do rewarding work for a decent income and have access to high-quality health and social care, childcare, transport, education for children and adults alike. 

The Liberal Party and indeed many of its most distinguished leaders (George, Gladstone etc.) have always fought for this kind of country: a just society where everyone contributes what they can and has the opportunity to build the life they want free from the interference of the state. 

Liberal governments laid the foundations of the welfare state; Liberal leaders and thinkers crafted the vision of universal education, the National Health Service, government policy aiming for full employment and indeed policies aimed towards the environment. In addition, Liberals argued for greater equality between people regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, disability, beliefs or way of life. Today these causes are more important than ever, therefore, we must build a Britain fit for the 21st century.

Lastly, the policies detailed below is our attempt to help party members (as well as non-party members) express what the Liberal Party stands for. It is not a detailed treatise; the party, and individual party members, have published many longer papers in the past, including in recent years, and we encourage you to read and discuss them (you’ll find them at the very bottom of the website under ‘Discussion Documents’). But we hope that party members and non-party members will see their beliefs and passions reflected in these policies and that it will help clarify the Liberal Party approach that underpins our detailed policy proposals. Finally, we believe the party’s core values can be summed up as ‘Liberty, Property and Security’. If you agree with what we believe, join us and help us deliver a Liberal society! 

Kayed Al-Haddad
NEC Member
(January 2022)