Culture, Media and Sport

Public funding of culture, media and sports organisations will be conditional on those organisations respecting the principles of free-speech, freedom of expression and free association. Institutions that fail to do so, such as through censoring artefacts or deterring people from civil discourse, will have funding withdrawn.


  • Maintain free access to national museums and art galleries.

  • Examine the available funding and planning rules for live music venues and the grassroots music sector, protecting venues from further closures post-pandemic. 

  • Support as well as protect minority national and regional languages including Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Cornish, Ulster Scots/Scots and Manx: 
    • Ensure that all road signs/official buildings in the respective nations and regions are bilingual. 

  • National Arts Council funding will be substantially increased for those organisations which foster artistic and craft excellence.

  • We will ensure that all significant statues and monuments are listed and protected at national level.

  • Make St. George, St. David, St. Andrew and St. Patrick days, all national holidays. 

  • Repeal the Communications Act 2003 (Section 127).


  • Scrap BBC licence fee and move to a subscription model. 

  • Privatise Channel 4.

  • Privatise S4C. 

  • Implement Leveson 2. 

  • A digital bill of rights. 


  • A tax of 1% of turnover shall be levied on all premier league football clubs to fund the construction of new football pitches and community facilities in each Town or Parish Council across England. 

  • Install an independent statutory regulator for football, which would oversee the English Premier League. 

  • Sports clubs shall be granted new rights to lease their sports grounds from local government landlords on a long-term lease at a peppercorn rent – giving clubs security of tenure necessary to grow.