Spokesperson: Allan Steele (

  • Conduct a Strategic Defence and Security Review in which we will revisit and update the Future Force 2020 vision and ensure the capabilities we are invested in are relevant for keeping Britain safe in the 21st century.

  • Increase the number of Army personnel from the current 148,220 to 250,000 and thus subsequently increase the volunteer reserve from 36,600 to 100,000: 
    • Deploy the reserve army for civil missions routinely, as exemplified during the pandemic. 

  • Increase the number of offshore patrol vessels from the current seven to fourteen: 
    • Four of which will be harboured on the English channel in order tackle illegal immigration.

  • A review of the quality of uniforms and equipment including an upgrade to Tactical Communications and Protective Systems (TCAPS), improved Hovding Helmets and protective undergarments made of woven Kevlar and a new US style army boot or equivalent. 

  • Maintain Britain’s membership of NATO and observe the NATO target of spending a minimum of >2% of GDP on defence. 

  • Recognise the expansion of warfare into the cybersphere by investing in our security and intelligence services and acting to counter cyberattacks.

  • In keeping with our membership of the UN Security Council, Britain shall play a full part in fully authorised UN peacekeeping missions. 

  • Stop selling arms to countries who abuse human rights e.g. Saudi Arabia. 

  • Retain the UK’s nuclear deterrent whilst working with the international community to pursue multinational disarmament. We believe that the UK must to work towards ridding the world of nuclear weapons, but this is not the time to take any unilateral action and any reduction should be in cooperation with others who may seek to harm us.
    • The UK would remain fully engaged in international nuclear disarmament efforts.

  • We support the creation of an Armed Forces Federation; something akin to a trade union, but with no power to undertake industrial action, and which would represent our Armed Forces personnel.