LGBTQ+ Rights

  • Separate prison units for transgender inmates to provide specialised support. Separate prison units will allow the staff for these units to be specifically trained in dealing with transgender prisoners. They would be trained both in how to be sensitive to trans issues and how to give them support if needed.

  • Participation in competitive sports for Transgender athletes will be up to individual sporting bodies. As each sport is different in most cases it should be left down to individual sporting bodies to decide whether transgender athletes are able to compete in the sport as is already the case under the Equality Act. However, this must have clear evidence behind it and the government may step in if it believes Transgender athletes have been wrongly denied participation in certain sports.
  • Transgender individuals wishing to change their legal sex should be allowed to do so. However, we support the continued necessity for medical gatekeeping in any legal change of sex marker. We oppose proposals that would allow someone to change their legal sex by self-identification only.
  • Healthcare spending and resources for gender dysphoric individuals, including long-term psychological intervention, should be provided at sufficient levels. Physical or drug-based medical treatments for gender dysphoria should be prohibited for anyone under 16 years of age.
  • We support the retention of biological sex and gender identity as distinct categories in public sector data gathering such as crime statistics, poverty metrics, public health research etc.