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The Resignation of Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP

Following the announcement of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation as First Minister of Scotland, The Liberal Party thanks her for her many years of dedicated public service.

Ms Sturgeon has been an articulate and passionate voice for Scotland, commanding the respect of many in the nation and across the world. Though we disagree with her primary political aim of taking Scotland out of the United Kingdom, we acknowledge that her dedication and service to the nation is beyond question.

As Liberals, we place great emphasis on freedom, but that can only exist when it is balanced with respect. We abhor the levels of abuse directed towards Ms Sturgeon and which exist in political discourse. We admire how Ms Sturgeon has risen above it and has carried on serving with focus and dignity. That is to her great personal credit, though it should not be necessary in a civilised society where all deserve to be treated with respect. We wish Ms Sturgeon well.

The Liberal Party reasserts that we are a Unionist party, but, as the party with well over a century’s support for Home Rule, we differ, as we believe in a federal United Kingdom, where all four constituent nations should be able to manage their internal affairs, while pulling together for the greater good where necessary for the best interests of all.

Allan Steele WS, Secretary, The Scottish Liberal Party

15 February 2023