Why vote for the Scottish Liberal Party?

Given the reality that the UK is dominated by a fractured duopoly namely, The Labour and The Conservative Party and indeed Scottish politics (the SNP in Scotland have often been referred to as running Scotland like a one-party state) as well as numerous fringe parties, one would have to pose the question as to why someone would want to vote The Scottish Liberal Party. My answer to this is two-fold:- 

Firstly, we are the authentic voice of Liberalism (we trace our lineage back to the original Liberal Party pre-1988 merger with the SDP which went on to form the Liberal Democrats) and given the fact that over the last decade or so we have seen a somewhat considerable trend in Anti-Liberal / Populist / Authoritarian politics taking a grip on the west with examples such as the rise of Trump in the US, The National Front in France and indeed Brexit here in the UK (regardless of whether you voted for it or not, one can’t deny the significance of it). The Scottish Liberal Party I believe can tap into such politics by putting forward a cogent and compelling case for why the above examples might be and indeed are dangerous for the wider populous.

Secondly, Scottish Politics (along with UK politics) has and continues to be dominated by the same tedious and dull main-stream political parties which in effect are all ‘cut with the same cloth’, here at the Scottish Liberal Party we intend to offer something quite unique in terms of our policies: which I believe will liberate the individual from complete subservience of the ‘collective’, a relaxation of the tight hold of custom, law, and authority and thus finally emancipate the individual!