Why vote for the Welsh Liberal Party?

Wales is a country that has always had multiple divisions – north v south, urban v rural, Welsh-speaking v English-speaking and after the last UK general elections, these divisions are starker than ever. 

South Wales remains Labour, while north and mid-Wales are mainly Conservative. Plaid Cymru has held on to its four largely rural, Welsh-speaking seats, but with only 10% of the vote across Wales, it cannot claim a surge in support for Welsh independence. 

Many people within North Wales feel disconnected from the decision-making of the Cardiff based government, with North Wales feeling left behind. 

It is a similar situation with the BBC’s coverage of Wales with its local reference being BBC South Wales. 

The major roads and railways in Wales all go from East to West. There is no direct main road link north south between North Wales and Cardiff. 

The cosy cabal of the Labour, Conservative and Plaid Cymru parties have failed to serve Wales well. 

The Welsh Liberal Party offers policies and ideas, which will work for everyone and which offers a viable alternative to the main parties, which continually fail to deliver.The Welsh Liberal Party has a rich and proud tradition of service to Wales – with Liberal politicians such as David Lloyd George, T.E Ellis  and Emlyn Hooson – we are keen continue this work.