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Illiberal Un-Democrats

They call themselves Liberal Democrats, they are neither Liberal nor Democratic in their stance for the EU election.

They seek to marginalise UK internationalism in an increasingly federal and protectionist EU, whilst plotting to overthrow the democratic decision of the people under the guise of a ‘People’s Vote’.

The key messages in their leaflet are:

A more prosperous Britain with Britain at the heart of a modernised EU. We have seen no modernisation in the 3 years since we voted to Leave, what delusion suggests that EU willingness to modernise might be possible? 

Tackling the Climate Emergency. Not only an EU issue. However, to have 28 countries of the EU, some who would use the power of veto to frustrate progress, would probably take longer and result in a more compromised set of solutions, than might be the case if defined and implemented by a UK government.  Also, EU Policy of product centralisation and subsidies, leads to massive and wasteful over production. Chemical treatments, storage, plastic packaging, preservation treatments and transportation of products from farm to consumer tables all over Europe, causes a huge amount of climate damage.

Protecting our Public Services. They can’t be serious? They kept the Conservative Government in power for 5 long years and supported the austerity cuts that resulted in the savaging of our public services! 

This group of charlatans has no rights of claim to Liberalism and their resurgence on the back of a divisive election campaign must be resisted. Their actions are set to divide our communities for years to come as they seek to profit politically by backing the narrowly losing side in the democratic EU referendum.

Make no mistake their intent is not honourable, it’s not to promote a confirmatory ‘People’s Vote’, it’s to Stop Brexit. It is the duty of every fair minded voter, who believes the LibDem approach is wrong, to reject their wicked and undemocratic intentions, which if successful will drive huge division between our population for years to come.Without adherence to the rules of democracy, we leave space for anarchy and extreme action.