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Leading Lincolnshire Lib Dem Councillor joins Liberal Party

“We are delighted one of the leading community campaigners, Cllr Charles Shaw,  in Lincolnshire has joined the Liberal Party after the Lib Dems have nailed their colours to the mast of ignoring and obstructing  the wishes of the British people to leave the EU”.

Cllr Steve Radford

Cllr Charles Shaw

Cllr Charles Shaw

Cllr Charles Shaw is a Town and Parish Councillor in Bardney Group and in Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire and has a career background as a Youth and Community Worker, Interviewer and Company Secretary.

He spent a number of years as Director of a Voluntary Youth Organisation and is currently Chair of Lincolnshire CVYS and of One East Midlands the regional voluntary sector body. He is a former Vice-Chair of Voluntary Sector North West and as a Lay Minister served for some years on Lincoln Cathedral Council. 

He is married, to Daphne with three grown-up children who live respectively in Lincoln, Ashton under Lyne and Glasgow.  As a Youth Officer for a Council for Racial Equality, he led on integrated and respectful provision for a range of communities and believes community cohesion is best achieved by complete openness.  

Having joined the Liberal Party over 40 years ago and later becoming a Constituency Chair in the Liberal Democrats, County Chair and regional conference host he came to find the party increasingly centrist and conformist and not the wide church of views that the Liberal Party held and allowed to be expressed and found it formulaic and solely centred on its own interests. In the 2010 local elections, he came within 7 votes of unseating the now current MP for Lincoln Karen Lee whom he now liaises with on youth and community matters and worked cross-party in the 2016 referendum, having as a teenager been part of the Common Market Safeguards Group working with Wedgewood Ben and Peter Shore. Working regularly cross-party Charles has put Community and Voluntary Sector interest forward whilst maintaining a wide range of business contacts.

Charles is a Trustee of The National Association of Boys and Girls Clubs and a Board member of a range of Business Education bodies. Having been brought up in Preston but living in Lincoln he is an avid supporter of Preston North End FC and Lincoln City FC.

Reasons for leaving the Liberal Democrats

  1. The party stance on Brexit and unwillingness to recognise and provide a platform for liberal leavers. 
  2. The appalling internal communications emails which effectively make it almost impossible for activists and members to directly contact officers. 
  3. The lack of promotion of Town and Parish Councillors on an equal basis with other member politicians. 
  4. The lack of new selection procedures to abolish central approval lists and the drafting in of candidates nationwide (e.g like you did in Hazel Grove and other constituencies) 
  5. Deliberate obstruction of electoral pacts with Liberals. 
  6. Complete lack of public speaking out about the costs and political intentions of the EU and therefore miss informing young people of the dangers in the EU as opposed to the benefits and potentially surrendering constitutional independence and their future freedom and human rights in order to keep MEP’s, EU appointments and party funding.