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Liverpool Walton

Cllr Billy Lake will stand in Liverpool Walton.

For too long the North of Liverpool has been taken for granted, we are congested with football traffic and the air pollution that goes with it. As your MP I want the promises about better public transport and a rail link made a reality.

For too long areas like Walton and Anfield have been blighted with hostels, we protect properly balanced communities.

All my life I have been a keen sportsman and seen how Football and other sports can help develop young people. We need to reverse the sterility of austerity and build up sports training and youth facilities across the whole of Liverpool give our young, some terrific work is being done by centres like Anfield Sports Community Centre.

As Chairman of the Tuebrook Hope Group, working alongside my friend and colleague Cllr Steve Radford, I have seen how much a community charity can make a difference. As MP I want to work with all our community groups, churches and friends of our park.