Staylebridge and Hyde in Manchester

John Edge is a graduate in English creative writing and has lived in Hattersley for six years with his wife Delia Edge since moving from Salford. John is 42 years old and is self-employed, providing online web services.

John has been an active campaigner for Liberal policies such as Freedom of Speech and took the decision to get more directly involved by seeking election and giving people the opportunity to learn about the Liberal Party and Liberalism and vote Liberal.  Although this is John’s first election campaign, he is clear on what his objectives are. 

When interviewed to be a candidate John said “I could not sit by and watch our political system decline any further. I hope to give people a voice, people who like me were losing faith in the entire political system as our elected representatives in government moved away from the very principles our Democratic system was founded on”.

“I want to tackle local issues such as the protection and preservation of our Greenbelt which will be essential in any further action on climate damage reduction.  I will also campaign to see our local public transport infrastructure strengthened to give more options for those seeking to commute to and from major cities”.

“The Liberal Party is committed to honouring the 2016 referendum vote to Leave the EU. Democracy is a cornerstone of our society and to disregard it when the result is not to the liking of those who gave us the option in the first place is an affront to the Liberal principles this country was founded on.”

North Cornwall

Elmars Liepins will stand in North Cornwall constituency.

Elmars came to the UK in 1959 with the Ockenden Venture, a Children’s charity for refugees, from a displaced person’s camp in Germany. His mother, a nurse, followed in 1960. She found work straight away in a Sussex hospital, which came with a cottage, as she had children, and re-united the family.

After leaving full-time education, Elmars started working in the building industry. He has worked as a subcontractor in the UK, as well as abroad, with spells in Germany and South America.

Elmars is retired and lives with his loyal companion, Oscar the golden retriever.

“Having experienced first-hand, both separation and incarceration, and the feeling of utter powerlessness, I understand how important it is to live in a free, fair and democratic society. I am standing in this election to ensure that these traditional Liberal values have an equal voice”.

Liverpool Wavertree

Mick Coyne will stand in Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

I have lived in Old Swan and have seen the decline of large parts of Wavertree with areas of mass demolition left for decades. I have seen dereliction and communities broken up.
Liverpool has missed too many opportunities to expand, unlike many other northern cities.
We need to promote more business parks linking to local schools and colleges so education and training matches industry needs.
We need ensure our young people get properly funded and quality training opportunities.
Throughout my life I have been a keen sportsman and have seen how Football and other Sports can help develop young people. We need to reverse the sterility of austerity and to build up sports training and youth facilities across the whole of Liverpool to give our young direction and leadership.

The last MP who made a real difference to Wavertree was David Alton, since then I’m sure many of you will feel our Labour and now Lib Dem MP have taken the area for granted.
We need an MP who is less concerned about party political squabbling and is prepared to make a real impact by supporting community organisations and local businesses across Old Swan ,Childwall,  Kensington and Wavertree.
Vote for a local man committed to the city, for an MP you can trust to represent you.


Cllr Paul T. Holmes will be standing in the Camborne/Redruth/Hayle Constituency.

He has stood as a Liberal Party Parliamentary candidate six times. Stood 28 times as a Liberal Local Council candidate and won 21 times.

1985 -2009 Elected six times as a Cornwall County Councillor being the first Cornish Speaker elected. A Kerrier District Councillor
until 2009 when both County and District Council were abolished in Cornwall. Has been a Parish Councillor since 1985
and is the ‘Father’ of Carn Brea Parish Council.

In 1988 of the 28 Cornwall County Councillors he was the only one who refused to joins the LibDems staying loyal to the Liberal Party.
1990- 2012 was a Liberal Party NEC member and was National Trades Union Spokesman, Agriculture Spokesman and Spokesman on
Cornish Affairs at various times. A lifetime campaigner for the Cornish Language and for the Cornish Self Government similar to the Welsh Assembly.

Married to Cllr. Jean Pollock( another veteran Liberal Cllr), a retired electrician, a former Cornish League Cricket player with over 800 wickets as a bowler.

Paul now scores for his local Cricket team. Paul and Jean are the first married couple in Cornwall to win the Royal School of Church music silver medal and sing as local church choristers.

Garston and Halewood

Former Lord Mayor of Liverpool Hazel Williams is to stand in the Garston and Halewood Constituency which includes parts of both Liverpool and Knowsley.

Hazel Williams was the first Lord Mayor to lead the cities Gay Pride March.

As Lord Mayor, she led the cities anti-austerity march and was lambasted by Lib Dem Lord Storey for doing so.

She has a wealth of experience in developing social enterprises.

Hazel is the Treasurer of the well-respected community, the Tuebrook Hope Group.

“We live in a dynamic and vibrant city and we need political leaders to talk up our city and region. We need political leaders to promote the city and inspire our young people” Hazel Williams

Liverpool Walton

Cllr Billy Lake will stand in Liverpool Walton.

For too long the North of Liverpool has been taken for granted, we are congested with football traffic and the air pollution that goes with it. As your MP I want the promises about better public transport and a rail link made a reality.

For too long areas like Walton and Anfield have been blighted with hostels, we protect properly balanced communities.

All my life I have been a keen sportsman and seen how Football and other sports can help develop young people. We need to reverse the sterility of austerity and build up sports training and youth facilities across the whole of Liverpool give our young, some terrific work is being done by centres like Anfield Sports Community Centre.

As Chairman of the Tuebrook Hope Group, working alongside my friend and colleague Cllr Steve Radford, I have seen how much a community charity can make a difference. As MP I want to work with all our community groups, churches and friends of our park.