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Mick Coyne

Liverpool Wavertree

Mick Coyne will stand in Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

I have lived in Old Swan and have seen the decline of large parts of Wavertree with areas of mass demolition left for decades. I have seen dereliction and communities broken up.
Liverpool has missed too many opportunities to expand, unlike many other northern cities.
We need to promote more business parks linking to local schools and colleges so education and training matches industry needs.
We need ensure our young people get properly funded and quality training opportunities.
Throughout my life I have been a keen sportsman and have seen how Football and other Sports can help develop young people. We need to reverse the sterility of austerity and to build up sports training and youth facilities across the whole of Liverpool to give our young direction and leadership.

The last MP who made a real difference to Wavertree was David Alton, since then I’m sure many of you will feel our Labour and now Lib Dem MP have taken the area for granted.
We need an MP who is less concerned about party political squabbling and is prepared to make a real impact by supporting community organisations and local businesses across Old Swan ,Childwall,  Kensington and Wavertree.
Vote for a local man committed to the city, for an MP you can trust to represent you.