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Liberal Party NEC Statement – The outbreaks of extreme violence in Israel and Gaza

The Liberal Party views with horror the outbreak of brutal violence in Gaza and Israel following the attack by Hamas.

The violence which has left over 1500 people killed in Israel is indefensible and unjustified in its brutality and indiscriminate nature.

Such an attack risks not only provoking Israel into a military response but giving the country the justification for causing unrecoverable damage to the Gaza Strip potentially rendering it unihabitable for its 2 million residents.

The resulting Israeli response has already left over 1000 killed in Gaza and threatens a humanitarian crisis in an area already suffering from the effects of the Israeli government’s economic blockade.

The failure of the Middle East Peace process over recent decades has allowed extremists in Gaza and the West Bank to drive a cycle of open-ended violence.

Terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon have no interest in peace or accommodating an Israeli state nor does the Israeli state wish to see a viable Palestinian state.

Such a deadlock can only be broken by the isolation of extremist groups on all sides, the deployment of UN peacekeepers to curtail provocations at the border and a comprehensive international intervention to create a lasting regional peace deal which recognises viable Palestinian and Israeli states.