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Liberal Party members meeting at Treloweth Community Hall in Poole, Cornwall voted to reiterate their policy that the Water Companies should be renationalised.

“As more is known about polluted rivers and coastlines it is untenable for these private water companies to send profit dividends abroad, exert a monopoly over such an essential resource and fail to protect environmental safety standards” stated Liberal Party leader Cllr Steve Radford-.

Liberal Party members also supported calls for a Cornish Assembly recognising the unique history and culture of the Duchy.

The Liberal Party Leader in Cornwall, Cllr Paul Holmes urged that a Cornish Assembly should take control over the Duchy of Cornwall estates to maximise the benefits to the people of Cornwall and the District Councils be restored respecting that at the last referendum 83% of the voters rejected the then Labour Government’s plan to abolish them.

“We need devolution from Westminster and Bristol to Cornwall , we also need devolution from County Hall to the towns and districts of Cornwall” rounded Cllr Paul Holmes.