Discussion Documents

The following are not Party Policy but are documents that are designed to encourage debate and responses from members and the general public

We are keen to hear your views on the discussion documents, the Liberal viewpoint or our policies which can be found on this website. Please contact the person indicated in the document.

Something’s wrong with London’s local elections! David Green April 2022

NATO needs to become a Global Organisation of Liberal Democracies by David Green, March 2022

Ukraine; a Memorandum – David Green

Liberal Party dialogue – The internal tensions affecting the Ukraine

A Quiet Revolution – A personal viewpoint by Alun Pearson

Pragmatic Perfect Education – C A W Walker

MOD Strategic Review 2020, by David Green

A Liberal Case Against the European Union, by David Green

Inheritance Tax: A Liberal Approach, by Dane Clouston

Scottish Economy: Currency and the Financial Industry, by Irvine McMinn

Scottish Independence, For and Against, by Irvine McMinn

Workable Youth Justice: Time for a Fresh Debate?, by Steve Radford and Daniel Wood [13/02/2013]

Political Access Broadcasting: “Engaging the Electorate”. An alternative to party political broadcasting, TV debates between the party leaders and public funding of political parties, September 2009

Terrorism: Civil Liberties our Best Defence, September 2009

Security with Freedom: The Challenge for Liberals – Presidential address by Cllr Mike Oborski, October 2002

EU: Back to the Drawing Board, July 2009

Integration has failed: Multi-Culturalism Works, March 2009

Citizens not Customers: A “Customer Focus” will Lead to Spiralling Public Expenditure and Disempowers Citizens, January 2009