Presidents Appeal

Dear Fellow Liberals

Can I express a personal view

It is vital as a Liberal Party we make everyone welcome irrespective of whether they voted remain or leave

The Liberal Party and the Country needs to move  to over  beyond the debate over the EU

Any deal was never going to be perfect but the public voted to Leave and that ballot should be respected

My personal view was always an initial deal would itself not be a final stage but the first stage in a process to disengage from the EU

We at our assembly debated pragmatic ways to deal with the Northern Ireland border

At Liberal assemblies we have tried focus on some serious issues like leasehold reform, steps to save the environment , reform of the House of Lords to an elected Senate, help for small businesses and community charities

Let us all focus on issues of social justice strengthening small businesses , strengthening local and public  services, fighting crime but community policing and proactive youth services and wealth inequality

I pray and hope that a pragmatic balanced deal with the EU comes forward

Can I make it clear we have local elections where our distinctive commitment to building and strengthening communities must be at the forefront of our dialogue

Please support your nearest local government candidates

Warmest Regards


NEC Statement – Small energy suppliers in the UK

The Liberal Party notes with concern this announcement that Brilliant Energy has now entered administration.

The company will be the 10th small energy provider to have done so in the last 12 months, which included Spark Energy Supply Limited in November 2018 amongst others.

Although the regulator Ofgem will ensure no customer is left without a supplier, customers risk finding themselves matched to an energy provider at short notice with no opportunity to find an optimum tariff.

The failure of so many suppliers illustrates the difficulties new entrants have in the domestic and business energy markets and the difficulty of breaking the stranglehold of the 6 largest providers.

The Liberal Party believes that only the expansion of choice within the UK  energy market will lead to better price competition to the benefit of consumers.

Liberal Urge Support for Town Shopping Centres

The Liberal Party welcomes the news that the Parliament’s Treasury committee will investigate the issue of Business Rates in this country.

Bricks-and-mortar retailers in this country face a perfect storm of rising business rates, unrelenting competition from online retailers and declining footfall.

The party welcomes the government previous undertaking of business rates relief for half a million small retailers, whose business premises have a rateable value of £51,000 or less, but this fails to assist larger retailers and chains.

These face a multiplier on their rates equivalent to a 50 percent tax on their properties in the next financial year.

Cllr Jenny Roach RIP

It is with great sadness that we share Cllr Jenny Roach passed away after a short illness.
Her loss will be felt so many people in different ways, she was a staunch champion of Liberalism, In Mid Devon Council she was renowned for asking the awkward questions and was known as the one woman opposition.
She was devoted to improving the lives of older people in Devon and the new Health and Well Being Centre in Silverton will be a lasting tribute to her commitment and vision for the people of her ward.
For so many of us, we have lost a true loyal friend who would always be there to encourage and guide us.
Cllr Steve Radford

News from Devon

Lloyd Knight was elected to Cullompton Town Council in a tightly fought by-election in November 2017.

Lloyd is the Town Council Deputy Mayor and their representative on the Devon Association of Local Councils. He is committed to giving a voice to the people of Cullompton at both the Town and District level.

We are delighted Lloyd will be contesting Town and District seats for Southward Cullompton this May if you can help please email him on or telephone 01884 563 462.

Why Brexit Draft – Article 132 must be deleted

Article 132 provides an instrument for the EU to extend the transition period for the UK’s departure from the EU to 20XX. Whilst the XX is not defined or limited, it could mean we are stuck in the EU until 2099 if negotiations are frustrated.
During the transition period, we would not have a voice in the EU parliament, we would not have a right of veto, we would continue to contribute to the EU budget at a value that has not yet been defined and we would be unable to invoke trade deals.
Liberals believe that this article is against natural justice and would give an enormously powerful negotiation advantage to the EU. If Article 132 is not deleted the Liberal Party will oppose the Brexit plan.
The people are fed up with divisive discussion and continued uncertainty and now call for Brexit to be brought to a close.

NEC statement – Cuadrilla fracking disturbance’s

The Liberal Party notes the temporary suspension of fracking operations by Cuadrilla at their Preston New Road site following recent subterranean tremors, the latest on the 27th October.

These seismic events have occurred less than 2 weeks after a final legal challenge to fracking was rejected, and the Government permitted operations to commence, despite widespread public opposition.

The current disturbances have occurred as water, sand and chemicals are pumped into the ground at high pressure, a recipe for subterranean disturbances.

Comments by Cuadrilla that the UK has set a lower threshold’s for seismic activity, 0.4 on the Richter scale as opposed to 2.5 in Europe or 4 in Canada is both insincere and selfish.

It also fails to acknowledge the simple fact that on the Richter scale each step up in the scale is a multiple of the previous one, not a simple increment, and Cuadrilla is effectively asking people to accept intrusive and potentially damaging levels of disturbance.

The Liberal Party yet again reiterates its opposition to fracking, sighting environmental factors and questions the economic justification and value of such operations.

Liberal News – Spring 2018

Local Government on the edge: Austerity from Westminister closes in on Town Halls across the country.
Thursday 3rd May 2018: Local Government Elections. We Need Your Help!
In Memoriam
Liberal Party News

Liberal News- Spring 2018

Local Government on the edge: Austerity from Westminister closes in on Town Halls across the country.
Thursday 3rd May 2018: Local Government Elections. We Need Your Help!
In Memoriam
Liberal Party News

Lift the Ban

The Liberal Party are the only national party to support ‘Lift the Ban’ – a campaign which would give people seeking asylum the right to work, and contribute to the economy whilst working with dignity.

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