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Real Liberals (not the LibDems) Fighting for Liberalism

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Real Liberals
(not the LibDems)
Fighting for Liberalism

"The Liberal Party exists to build a Liberal Society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. Its chief care is for the rights and opportunities of the individual and in all spheres it sets freedom first."

Where We Stand, and Why We are Needed

The Liberal Party first came together as a nationally organised and constituted political party in 1877, although in practical (but rather disorganised) terms it had been in existence long before then. It has its origins in the Whig Party and can thus trace its origins back to the seventeenth century.

The Liberal Party was frequently the principle party of Government in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These governments were radical, reformist and far sighted, they backed the masses against the classes, swept away vested interest and privilege, and secured increased rights and freedoms for the people.

When will politicians learn? Politicians ‘promise the earth’ and then do not even attempt to deliver. Most politicians try to say what the public want to hear. Thus they all become the same. The logic of these two approaches is “there is no point in voting”. Let me lay out some Liberal ideas. You judge if they are different.

Charles Bradlaugh was a leading classical Liberal, atheist and republican, opposed socialism and Marx, and promoted universal suffrage, trade unionism and campaigned for birth control and family planning. He was a controversial figure, but the electors of Northampton supported him with great enthusiasm.

Headline News

The Liberal Party is proud to announce the publication of:

"A Manifesto for Interim & Post Pandemic Recovery & Renewal"

...with a forward by our party President Cllr Steve Radford it articulates the Liberal response to the immediate and future challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The document covers 11 key areas, with a list of key points and actions and is the product of an intense period of thought from the parties Policy Development Committee and NEC.

It covers our thoughts and insight into the challenges and future direction for the NHS, care industry, the economy, and the opportunities to build a recovery embracing green initiatives and technology.

UN should accept Palestinian application

In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority applied for membership of the United Nations. Since then the threat of further illegal settlements and now annexation of their lands has continued unabated. We call upon the United Kingdom government to send a clear message against illegal settlements, forced evictions and failure by Israel to give genuine recognition … Continue reading "UN should accept Palestinian application"

3rd August 2020

Liberal News – Summer 2020

31st July 2020

The consequences of the Israeli annexation of the West Bank

The Liberal Party notes with grave concern increased media reports that the Israeli Government intends to annex sections of the West Bank as early as July of this year. Such a move would effectively end any prospect of a viable Palestinian state by reportedly taking control of 30% of the disputed area and thus deny Palestinians … Continue reading "The consequences of the Israeli annexation of the West Bank"

1st June 2020

Be a Part of the Solution

Liberal Party president Cllr Steve Radford sums up Liberal Party thoughts on political behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis. “Some of the criticism of the government about not clarifying an exit strategy is little more than obscene point-scoring. Why on earth would any government have a policy and make it public when all the conditions needed … Continue reading "Be a Part of the Solution"

20th April 2020

Community Groups during the coronavirus self-isolation

The Liberal Party notes the increasing emphasis being placed on self-isolation to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Firstly, the party would like to emphasise how community groups can safely support older people and other vulnerable groups during these difficult times. Self-isolation restricts many groups from activities such as shopping, exercise and the social contacts which … Continue reading "Community Groups during the coronavirus self-isolation"

28th March 2020

Something’s wrong with our voting system

Over 300 candidates were stood down by parties to avoid splitting the vote and polls indicate that nearly 1 in 5 voters, voted tactically, rather than support their preferred candidate, and yet millions of votes were wasted. Download the PDF below to read more…

13th January 2020

MP’s need to compromise on EU Deal

The very MP’s protesting that the current deal placed before Parliament is more adverse than the deal offered by Mrs May’s are the same MPs who blocked the current deal from being progressed, because of insufficient time to read the report. The unwillingness of the majority of MP’s to accept the outcome of the referendum, … Continue reading "MP’s need to compromise on EU Deal"

29th October 2019

No Evidence for Voter ID Fraud

During the Queens Speech the government announced plans to introduce compulsory photo ID for voters. This is despite reliable sources suggest 3.5 million voters do not have such ID  We have to ask what is the evidence that there is a problem that ID cards are needed to resolve. According to the Electoral Commission report … Continue reading "No Evidence for Voter ID Fraud"

24th October 2019

Failure of Thomas Cook as it enters Administration

The Liberal Party notes with anguish the collapse of the Thomas Cook group leaving hundreds of thousands of customers awaiting repatriation from holiday destinations and thousands of staff made redundant. After a span of 178 years the company had been forced into administration by a perfect storm of changing holiday booking habits, unsustainable debt, and … Continue reading "Failure of Thomas Cook as it enters Administration"

26th September 2019

Labour Attack on Freedom

The Labour Party has taken a very alarming new turn on the question of education. The state seeking to  monopolise education is the first step taken by every authortarian dictator across the world. If private schools are abolished, what next, the right of parents to send children to faith schools abolished? This policy actually shows … Continue reading "Labour Attack on Freedom"

24th September 2019

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