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Real Liberals (not the LibDems) Fighting for Liberalism

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Real Liberals
(not the LibDems)
Fighting for Liberalism

"The Liberal Party exists to build a Liberal Society in which every citizen shall possess liberty, property and security, and none shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. Its chief care is for the rights and opportunities of the individual and in all spheres it sets freedom first."

Where We Stand, and Why We are Needed

The Liberal Party first came together as a nationally organised and constituted political party in 1877, although in practical (but rather disorganised) terms it had been in existence long before then. It has its origins in the Whig Party and can thus trace its origins back to the seventeenth century.

The Liberal Party was frequently the principle party of Government in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These governments were radical, reformist and far sighted, they backed the masses against the classes, swept away vested interest and privilege, and secured increased rights and freedoms for the people.

The following are not Party Policy but are documents which are designed to encourage debate and responses from members and the general public. We are keen to hear your views on the discussion documents, the Liberal viewpoint or our policies which can be found on this website. Please contact the person indicated at the document.

When will politicians learn? Politicians ‘promise the earth’ and then do not even attempt to deliver. Most politicians try to say what the public want to hear. Thus they all become the same. The logic of these two approaches is “there is no point in voting”. Let me lay out some Liberal ideas. You judge if they are different.

Charles Bradlaugh was a leading classical Liberal, atheist and republican, opposed socialism and Marx, and promoted universal suffrage, trade unionism and campaigned for birth control and family planning. He was a controversial figure, but the electors of Northampton supported him with great enthusiasm.

134th Liberal Party Assembly
The front of The Briar Rose Hotel, a modern marble, and glass fronted building.

Saturday 5th October at 12 noon.
Briar Rose Hotel
Bennett's Hill
B2 5RE

Click here to view the motions passed at the Birmingham Assembly.

Liberal Party Announcement - Parliamentary Candidates

Dear Liberal Party colleagues,

With a General Election pending we need to firm up intentions of candidates to stand.
It will be an ideal opportunity to put The Liberal Party view on a range of important social and economic issues. It will also give electors the opportunity to vote Liberal.
Due to generous donations we think we will be able to field a slate of 20 candidates with a deposit and a limited number of leaflets, the leaflet design template will also be an aid to recruitment.
Please let us know if you wish to represent the Liberal Party, which constituency you have in mind and what level and style of campaigning you think you could contribute. Remember candidates will be entitled to a leaflet delivery to every house in their constituency as part of their campaign.
Candidates will need to be interviewed by an approval panel, we will establish telephone interviews for this purpose.

Yours sincerely for the NEC
Stephen Graham

The Liberal Party will be fighting far more seats at the next General Election
Cllr Richard Phillips

In Yorkshire, Cllr Richard Phillips will be standing in the Calder Valley Seat.

Cllr Steve Radford

In the Liverpool West Derby seat Cllr Steve Radford will fight for the seat vacated by Steven Twigg.

Angela Preston

Angela Preston will be standing in Sefton Central Constituency which includes Crosby and Maghull.
Angela, author/playwright, business coach, motivational speaker, and radio presenter, works with businesses, charities and schools delivering a range of programmes to support and encourage the growth of individuals, companies and communities through personal development workshops.
She has recently published a book, Find a Hero Inside, in conjunction with a school in Maghull. The comic deals with the epidemic of knife crime and gang culture and is aimed at young people helping them make the right choices in life.

Cllr Neil Taylor

Former Timperley Councillor and active green spaces campaigner Cllr Neil Taylor, has a wealth of experience in social issues and supporting the disabled community. He will be standing for Altrincham & Sale West Constituency in Trafford.

Cllr Dirk van Heck

Dirk van Heck, who has several years' professional experience in public policy, will be standing in City of London and Westminster.

Cllr Charles Shaw

Cllr Charles Shaw will be standing in the Lincoln City Constituency. He was a former Liberal Democrat agent for the City.

Cllr Lewis Rees

Cllr Lewis Rees will be fighting for the Neath seat in Wales.

Cllr Mike Seed

Cllr Michael Seed will be standing for the Knowsley Constituency.
Michael is determined to promote active community centres and youth work to combat issues of social isolation and divert young people from crime into positive opportunities.

Kathy King

Kathy King will be contesting the Labour seat of Blaydon on the outskirts of Gateshead.
A former Liberal councillor with 38 years ward experience she contested the Birtley ward in last May's local elections in Gateshead.

Now is the time to join the Liberal Party
With Labour tearing itself apart and hijackde by the far left we need an alternative.

Unlike the Lib Dems who sold out to the Tory Party, the continuing Liberal Party stuck to our principles. We support a dynamic economy, encourage individual enterprise, social justice and the development of individuals and communities. Click here to read about a few of our key policies.

Press Release

Dear Residents of Knowsley Village,

With the Liberal Democrat Party record of frustrating any attempt to consult the British people over our membership of the EU and now seeking to overturn the result of the referendum to continue on a course of further centralisation I cannot remain a member of that Party. The concentration on changing a democratic vote has prevented the party from concentrating on the most important issues within our society.

To ensure the voice of liberalism is heard and to join a party committed to the local community, green spaces, free and fair trade, international co-operation and social justice I am delighted to have been welcomed to join the Liberal Party.

As a person from a working class family I feel my number one priority is to campaign against austerity cuts and to support people who are experiencing poverty. I also feel it is very important to provide people with the opportunities to thrive in our community. A good councillor is active in the community and responds to the important issues.

As a Town Councillor I will always seek to get the best for our residents and work with people from all political backgrounds for the common good. I will always challenge the Borough council on issues that affect our ward.

Since being elected in May I have enjoyed listening to people in the Village around local issues such as the condition of green spaces, fly tipping, crime, the incinerator, tax rates, the proportion of funding spent in the village and the lack of places for children to play in the area. I remain committed to solving these issues and remain committed to my election pledges.

Whilst I leave the Liberal Democrats to join the Liberal Party I do so without rancour and hope to continue good working relations with those who remain in the Lib Dems.

Please feel free to contact me on or 07784156672

Yours sincerely

Cllr Michael Seed

Knowsley Park Ward
Knowsley Town Council

Cllr Michael Seed
Liberal Gains

A former Labour Seat in Tuebrook & Stoneycroft returned to the Liberal Party with a resounding 67.96% of the vote to local Community Charity Tuebrook Hope Group Trustee, Joe Dunne.

Tuebrook & Stoneycroft - results

Election Candidate




Councillor Joe Dunne

Liberal Party


67.96% Elected

Rona Ellen Heron

Labour Party


25.44% Not Elected

Martin Sydney Dobson

Green Party


2.96% Not Elected

Jenny Goulding

Liberal Democrat


2.61% Not Elected

Luke Andrew Hingley-Smith

Conservative Party


1.02% Not Elected

In Liverpool the Liberal Party out polled the Tory Party city wide.

Campaign Trail
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Cllr Steve Radford & Joe Dunne visit four local schools look at fund raising.

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Joe Dunne leads clean up campaign in Tuebrook and Newsham Park.

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Cllr Steve Radford & Joe Dunne visit four local schools look at fund raising,

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Cllr Billy Lake & Joe Dunne lead information campaign to promote recycling

Liberal Gains

The Liberal Party gain a further seat in Ryedale and majorities rise in all wards.

Pickering East - results

Election Candidate



Joy Andrews

Liberal Party

630 Elected

Charles Henry Hopinson

Independent Party

376 Not Elected

Paul Littlewood

Conservative Party

345 Not Elected

Douglas Sutherland

Labour Party

122 Not Elected

Clive Miller Wass

Liberal Party

396 Elected

Clive Miller Wass

Conservative Party

285 Not Elected

Peter Nicholas Winter

Liberal Democrat

109 Not Elected

Pickering West - results

Election Candidate



Carrie-Anne Brackstone

Liberal Party

592 Elected

Linda Cowling

Independent Party

297 Not Elected

Philip Robert Hall

Conservative Party

209 Not Elected

Matthew Jonathan Haynes

Conservative Party

206 Not Elected

Michael John Potter

Liberal Party

567 Elected

Cropton - results

Election Candidate



John Samuel Clark

Liberal Party

352 Elected

Richard Adam Dent

Independent Party

167 Not Elected

Truda Lansdowne

Conservative Party

128 Not Elected

Failure of Thomas Cook as it enters Administration

The Liberal Party notes with anguish the collapse of the Thomas Cook group leaving hundreds of thousands of customers awaiting repatriation from holiday destinations and thousands of staff made redundant. After a span of 178 years the company had been forced into administration by a perfect storm of changing holiday booking habits, unsustainable debt, and … Continue reading "Failure of Thomas Cook as it enters Administration"

26th September 2019

Labour Attack on Freedom

The Labour Party has taken a very alarming new turn on the question of education. The state seeking to  monopolise education is the first step taken by every authortarian dictator across the world. If private schools are abolished, what next, the right of parents to send children to faith schools abolished? This policy actually shows … Continue reading "Labour Attack on Freedom"

24th September 2019

Old Swan By-election

The Liberal Party doubled its share of the vote in the Old Swan By-election, Liverpool. Labour 1153 minus 17%Mick Coyne Liberal Party 293 plus 7%Greens 130Lb Dems 272OSATC 138Conservatives 96 This is a seat where 3 Lib Dems represented not so long ago and the Lib Dems mounted an extensive 7 leaflet campaign and endorsement … Continue reading "Old Swan By-election"

23rd September 2019

Press Release

Dear Residents of Knowsley Village,  With the Liberal Democrat Party record of frustrating any attempt to consult the British people over our membership of the EU and now seeking to overturn the result of the referendum to continue on a course of further centralisation I cannot remain a member of that Party. The concentration on … Continue reading "Press Release"

29th August 2019

Drugs Policy should be changed from a punitive approach to one of a Harm Reduction

The Liberal Party notes that a majority of Conservative party leadership contestants have admitted to historic casual drugs use, and as such we welcome their honesty and hope that this gives rise to public debate. The party advocates replacing the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and ancillary legislation with a replacement which provides for an … Continue reading "Drugs Policy should be changed from a punitive approach to one of a Harm Reduction"

17th June 2019

Special Assembly – 22nd June

10th June 2019

Reduce income Tax for Low Paid not VAT – A Liberal response to Michael Gove

Can we make a constructive alternative to Michael Gove’s call to reduce VAT to boost the economy post Brexit? Setting aside this contradicts all his measures as a Minister to support austerity on the basis we needed to reduce the public spending requirement The best way to boost the economy, pound for pound, would be … Continue reading "Reduce income Tax for Low Paid not VAT – A Liberal response to Michael Gove"

10th June 2019

An Apology on behalf of the British Liberal Tradition

British Liberalism has a distinguished history going back to Gladstone and Lloyd George with landmark reforms such as elementary education, the secret ballot, pensions, town planning, free school meals and health insurance. Liberalism laid the foundations of our welfare state. This country could do with the good offices of Lloyd George right now because today’s … Continue reading "An Apology on behalf of the British Liberal Tradition"

15th May 2019

Leading Lincolnshire Lib Dem Councillor joins Liberal Party

“We are delighted one of the leading community campaigners, Cllr Charles Shaw,  in Lincolnshire has joined the Liberal Party after the Lib Dems have nailed their colours to the mast of ignoring and obstructing  the wishes of the British people to leave the EU”. Cllr Steve Radford Cllr Charles Shaw Cllr Charles Shaw is a … Continue reading "Leading Lincolnshire Lib Dem Councillor joins Liberal Party"

9th May 2019

Illiberal Un-Democrats

They call themselves Liberal Democrats, they are neither Liberal nor Democratic in their stance for the EU election. They seek to marginalise UK internationalism in an increasingly federal and protectionist EU, whilst plotting to overthrow the democratic decision of the people under the guise of a ‘People’s Vote’. The key messages in their leaflet are: … Continue reading "Illiberal Un-Democrats"

7th May 2019

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